Sunday, 15 May 2011

جبتلّيك ماي مسأعا I got you cold water!

قال لي الشارع أنه جائع..للمرّة المليون
وفي الأمس اشترى ل
ي فتى صغير متسوّل fuckit!

I had an interactive performance in the streets of Beirut yesterday, but this is not my story. I’m seething with fury. At a certain time, I asked the spectators if they have water or can get me water for my kitchen cloth to clean my oven(in the performance, I was cookingمآدم [a Middle Eastern dish made of lamb legs]  for all the street and inviting the people to the مآدم feast that is going to happen “shortly” in the streets and also inviting them to come cook with me on my little oven or take from the lamb legs I found on the streets and cook in their houses or wherever  ) and fuck it, around 30 men and women were gathered in a circle around me at that time,participating and discussing, but no one moved, a little child beggar immediately jumped and screamed, “I ‘m going  I’m going to get you!”, I told him “no, you shan’t” , but he went. I got angry. No one of the Beiruty people moved, I dropped the oven. I asked each and every spectator how do they let this happen, and for the first time, I wished I was a real terrorist.

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